Iraqi traditional game thrives during Ramadan

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Iraqi traditional game thrives during Ramadan

STORY: Iraqi traditional game thrives during Ramadan DATELINE: March 26, 2023 LENGTH: 00:01:33 LOCATION: Baghdad CATEGORY: SOCIETY/CULTURE SHOTLIST: 1. various of Iraqis playing the Mehiebes in a popular cafe STORYLINE: Iraqis play a traditional game of Ramadan, named Mehiebes, in a popular cafe in the al-Karkh district in downtown Baghdad. The Mehiebes, or the hidden ring, is an Iraqi communal game played by men of different ages divided into two teams. It gives the holy month its unique flavor. The objective of the game is to find a hidden ring, as the team leader has to seek out it in the hand of one of the members of the other team. Each team consists of ten or more people, up to 50 players. The game of Mehiebes is usually accompanied by local folkloric singing and traditional musical instruments. The winners will get large plates of popular Iraqi sweets, named Zalabiyah and Baqlawa, but traditionally the sweets are handed out to all the players and the audience during or after the game. The game

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